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Cheek Enhancement


Hold on to your youthful looks for longer

Yes, you can retain your youthful looks

Have you have ever looked in the mirror and noticed that over time the shape of your face has subtly changed?  Maybe the definition of your face has altered and your cheeks have become sunken or hollow. Perhaps you just wish for fuller cheeks. Whatever the reason, how we look can and does affect our confidence. The exciting news is that there is a treatment which is suitable for both men and women, and many of our patients tell us this treatment makes them look and feel younger and restores their self-confidence.


What is cheek enhancement?

Cheek enhancement is a treatment that temporarily improves the volume of the cheeks by gently plumping up the skin from the inside. By replacing lost volume, the definition and fullness can be restored and the appearance of superficial lines and wrinkles in the surrounding skin can be reduced. The procedure also highlights the cheekbone and, in many cases, improving the volume of the cheeks may also improve the appearance of bags under the eyes.


The procedure explained

A cheek enhancement treatment takes less than an hour and, unlike cosmetic surgeries, there are no incisions. A dermal filler is gently injected into pre-selected locations on and around the cheeks, and is then massaged to ensure that the contours look as natural as possible.  Naturally, the amount of dermal filler required will vary, depending on your personal level of volume loss and the degree of enhancement you desire.



As with any cosmetic procedure, down time from filler injections should be planned for. Although rare, post treatment bruising cannot be completely ruled out. However, our unique process has been proven to minimise bruising from filler treatments in only all but a few very rare cases.


What are the options?

Cheek enhancement is a treatment that restores youthful facial curves without the risk of surgery. It is designed to create a youthful fullness to the face as well as lifting and shaping facial contours which sag and hollow due to the natural aging process.

Depending on the outcome you wish to achieve, there are a variety of fillers that can be used for different effects.  Some provide an instant result and others create stimulation and a delayed response through tissue growth. Both types are helpful in filling lines and wrinkles and replacing volume loss.


Applying the appropriate filler to the appropriate area fills and corrects the wrinkle, line or volume loss instantly or over a few months. We find using dermal fillers in conjunction with muscle relaxants, is a holistic approach that provides a visibly long lasting result.


First steps

We recommend discussing the options with one of our clinicians who will provide a personalised evaluation and consultation to assess if the treatment is right for you, and we’ll talk you through all of the options and provide you with an estimated cost.  Once your individual treatment plan is in place, you’re one step closer to achieving a very natural, refreshed look.


If you’re ready to learn how you can discover a naturally younger looking you, why not contact us today on 9574 6852 to arrange an appointment.



If you’re ready to say hello to a new women in the mirror, why not contact us today on 9574 6852 to arrange an appointment and take your first step to a naturally younger looking you.