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Anaesthetic Options

Anaesthetic options for your treatment

Local Block:

1.  Injectable local anaesthetic, similar to that often used by dentists, can be used in certain areas to eliminate discomfort.

2.  The local anaesthetic affecting the area of the body to be treated should wear off after 30 to 60 minutes and will make the mouth area feel swollen.

3.  This type of anaesthetic will not limit bruising and can add to swelling a little.

4.  Until full sensation has returned to the area affected by anaesthetic, be careful not to expose it to heat or pressure – both of which would go undetected due to lack of feeling, which may result in injury.

5.  Costs are included in your treatment.

Anaesthetic Cream:

1.  Must be applied 20 to 30 minutes before treatment for the best results.

2.  It will limit discomfort considerably, but some discomfort may still be felt. This is mostly tolerable as this cream is very powerful. This is specific to Cosmetic Images and is not Emla.

3.  This anaesthetic is very helpful in limiting bruising and swelling, although both may still occur after treatment.

4.  Recovery from the anaesthetic is usually fast, although the effect on the mouth area may last a little longer.

5.  Costs are included in your treatment.

Breathable Analgesia:

1.  Breathable analgesia makes you feel sleepy and relaxed while you are breathing it.

2.  Once you stop using it, you must wait 45 minutes or until you feel able before driving or going back to work.

3.  This anaesthetic does not help limit bruising and swelling, which may still occur after treatment. However, It can be used in conjunction with the anaesthetic cream to do so.

4.  Recovery from the anaesthetic can take a little longer in some patients and therefore timing is unpredictable.

5.  There is a cost of $55 which is not included in your treatment.

6.  This can be combined with any other anaesthetic option and is perfect for nervous patients having more extensive procedures like Regen-lab, Voluma, Sculptra or IPL.