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Hold on to your youthful, fuller lips for longer!

Forget the Trout Pout! The team at Cosmetic Images specialise in NATURAL, HEALTHY appearances. 

As our bodies slowly start to produce less collagen and elastin, it’s not uncommon to notice subtle changes in the texture and firmness of our skin. This is most evident on our faces, especially around the lip area, resulting in the appearance of thinner lips and those tell-tale tiny vertical lines which start to appear around the mouth.

Thankfully, today we have access to high quality natural products that can enhance the shape and add volume to the lips. This means that, unlike our grandmothers, we are able to provide Mother Nature with a little assistance – and it’s never been easier to get a rejuvenating and natural look.


What to Expect:

Lip enhancement or augmentation treatments are becoming increasingly popular with mature women in Perth who wish to increase the volume or fullness of their lips, enhance lip definition, reduce lip lines and improve lip hydration and softness.

This age defying procedure is simple, and involves numbing the area, then strategically placing a tiny amount of dermal filler into parts of the lip and surrounding areas to naturally enhance, shape and add volume to the lips.

Depending on the product chosen, you can achieve instant results, while others create stimulation and a delayed response through tissue growth. Both options are helpful in filling lines and wrinkles and replacing volume loss, helping you to regain your youthful glow.

With a focus on all aspects of facial cosmetic medicine, the experienced team at Cosmetic Images can provide you with a fresher, more youthful look in a little as ten minutes.  You can relax, knowing you are in experienced hands as their Principal Practitioner is THE educator to Doctors and Nurses!

They will provide a personalised assessment and consultation to identify the individual areas you wish to focus on for improvement and enhancement.

Following a detailed discussion, your clinician will provide you with an individual treatment plan, designed with you to achieve a more natural, refreshed look.

If you’re ready to say hello to a new women in the mirror, why not contact the clinic today on 9574 6852 to arrange an appointment and take your first step to a naturally younger looking you.