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Learn about the wrinkle relaxer basics.

Let’s face it, wrinkles are not just a sign of ageing, they’re a sign of life. Every day we furrow our brows in concentration, we squint to see things better, we laugh, we smile, we frown. Our faces wear our emotions more than any other part of our body, and are constantly exposed to the harsh elements of our Australian climate. It’s natural that all of this takes its toll on our skin over time and leaves its mark. But gone are the days when you just had to accept that. These days, with accessible cosmetic treatments like wrinkle relaxers, you can eliminate the signs of stress and wear on your face and defy the effects of ageing at our cosmetic skin clinic right here in Perth.

What are wrinkle relaxers?

Wrinkle relaxers are injectable muscle relaxants. These muscle relaxants have been used for many years to treat muscular spasms and disorders as well as nerve disorders and chronic eyelid twitches. But over the last 25 years, injectable muscle relaxants have become a common cosmetic treatment for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Hence the cosmetic term ‘wrinkle relaxers’.

Wrinkle relaxers are an effective, temporary treatment commonly used to reduce unwanted crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines, lines along your upper lip, scrunch lines along the nose and neck bands.

Cosmetic skin clinic process.

Injectable wrinkle relaxer treatments can be performed within as little as ten minutes in our cosmetic skin clinic. It’s a non-surgical procedure and involves a few tiny injections directly into the problem areas around your face.

There are few or no side effects with wrinkle relaxers. During the procedure you may experience a stinging sensation, but this is so short-lived you will have completely forgotten about it by the time you walk out the door of our cosmetic skin clinic. After the procedure you may experience some minor bruising or headaches, but this too will only be a temporary discomfort.

How long can I enjoy wrinkle-free skin?

Wrinkle relaxers are a temporary skin rejuvenation treatment. You will notice a significant difference within days, with the full effect of the treatment revealed within one to two weeks. You can enjoy reduced facial lines and younger looking skin for at least four months, but often much longer with each skin treatment. Gradually the effects will wear off over several months and you will require repeat treatments to continue to enjoy the youthful effects of wrinkle relaxers.

Get wrinkle relaxers at our cosmetic skin clinic.

Cosmetic Images is your professional cosmetic skin clinic located right  here in Perth. With a focus on all aspects of facial cosmetic medicine, the experienced team at Cosmetic Images can provide you with a fresher, more youthful expression in a little as ten minutes with an injectable wrinkle relaxer treatment. Contact Us today to book your consultation.